“True health is something far greater than the mere absence of disease. It is an indescribable sense of wellbeing that can only be known through experiencing it firsthand.”   ~   Dr Lisa

The way I see it, your body was designed to:detox and enjoy life

  • enjoy an abundance of energy
  • be free from pain and disease
  • be physically fit
  • function optimally and THRIVE!

But how many of you reading this actually feel like that?

You may not have cancer, diabetes, heart disease or any other pathological or diagnosable illness, yet how many of you are pretty sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

I see real life examples of this  ALL the time. Patients come in after having every test, scan, poke and prod plus going to all sorts of doctors who can’t find anything wrong with them. Yet, they just don’t feel well. They KNOW something isn’t right. They’re tired all the time, can’t lose weight, they have aches and pains, or a multitude of bizarre unexplainable symptoms that have been brushed off as unimportant or unidentifiable.

Well here’s what I’ve found based on 15 years of being in practice. . .even something as small as 1° of change in what you’re putting into your body can begin to move things in a more positive direction. When you give the body what it needs, it has this incredible built-in ability to heal itself. Isn’t that great news?

Dr LisaIt’s my desire to help others improve their quality of living through the basics of nutrition. So that’s what I do, I coach people on how to get their bodies to return to that natural state of wellbeing, feel great and live fully alive!

To your best health,

Dr Lisa Giusiana