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5 Kinds of PMS with 5 Different Natural Solutions

5 categories of PMS

You’re exhausted. And cranky. You’re not sure if you’re just depressed and anxious, or if you’re depressed and anxious because you’ve been dealing with a massive headache all day. You’d give anything for a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and a bag of potato chips. Oh, and trying to stuff yourself into your favorite pair […] Read more…

3 Free Things You Can Do to Improve Digestion

You’re out to dinner with a friend. The food arrives, beautifully presented. You look over your choices, inhaling the delicious aroma, consciously deciding which item on your plate you’d like to taste first. You choose the grilled salmon with avocado soy drizzle, cut off a bite sized piece and take your first taste. You savor […] Read more…