Have you ever wondered why your friend can eat a ton of bananas and lose weight, but when you try the same exact diet, you gain five pounds? Or why all your brother has to do is add oatmeal to his breakfast and his cholesterol drops but you faithfully eat it every day and yours goes up 20 points?

Your body is unique. As a result, you have a very specific genetic code requiring a very specific nutritional intake profile. This means that your unique genetic coding (your DNA) will respond to nutrients from different foods and beverages to either turn on or turn off healthy functions in your body. The way your body does this is different than anyone else’s on the planet.

The NutriSync Assessment was created by genetic scientists, genomic nutritionists, and fitness professionals who have discovered how genes may influence your body’s response to diet (nutrigenetics). The test will analyze your nutritional and fitness needs to help you achieve a balanced nutritional plan based on key personal genetic variations. How great would it be to finally know EXACTLY what you’re supposed to eat and how to exercise. . .for weight management, vitality, and optimal health?


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How does NutriSync work?

NutriSync is an “at home” system that consists of:

  • A laboratory analysis of specific gene variants in your genetic material (DNA) that have been found to influence health
  • An online Lifestyle survey that provides valuable information about various lifestyle habits that relate to the gene variants being tested
The following are included in your package:
  • Instructions on how to access and complete your online Lifestyle survey
  • Instructions on how to collect cheek cells that contain your DNA
  • 2 cheek swabs, clean and sterile, stored in a sealed package to collect cheek cells
  • A white swab envelope with a label for your name and date of birth
  • A padded, prelabeled, prepaid envelope for shipping your swabs to the lab

In addition, you will log into the website to take your survey BEFORE sending your swabs to the lab. Your data are analyzed to generate your confidential, easy-to-follow NutriSync Action Plan. This report will highlight opportunities to enhance your nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and supplementation based on the combination of your genetics and lifestyle. Easy-to-read charts and simple graphs clearly illustrate which diet, supplement and lifestyle choices may be best suited to your journey toward optimal wellness.


The goal of the NutriSync Assessment, is to provide you with genetic information about yourself that may have lifelong implications for your nutrition and fitness, to help you take more strategic control of your own wellness and guide your diet and lifestyle choices in your quest for optimal health.

NutriSync is available in The Health Dimension’s Online Shop

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